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Let Amazon and other retailers know that we do not accept the dreadfully atrocious service provided by LaserShip.

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I set an arbitrary goal of 1,000 signatures for this petition. We currently have One Thousand Forty signatures, add yours now!


CaseyHoping my package comes today, only 3 days late, but I'm not very hopeful. Lasership needs to do much better at expectation setting, telling me everyday the shipment is coming that day and then not delivering it is not cool. Walmart please use someone else.Saturday, Feb 16 2019
Billy DriveshaftDear Amazon, please stop using Lazership because they drop packages outside of our mailbox in a public space. Ridiculous.Monday, Feb 11 2019
Amazon Prime SubscriberA Lasership delivery driver stopped in front of our driveway. He parked there and was "going thru" his truck for 10 minutes. We assume he was looking in our Amazon box and decided to steal the cell phone we ordered. Tuesday, Feb 05 2019
Amazon Prime SubscriberDear Amazon, please STOP using Lasership (Loseurshit) because they consistently lose or steal our orders. And when they do get delivered, they're late in delivering them. They suck!Tuesday, Feb 05 2019
Bill StewartThey are the absolute fucking worst and an embarrassment to Amazon.Friday, Feb 01 2019
Giles RiesnerLaserShip is incompetent and has no customer service. The initial shipment using them NEVER ARRIVED even though they said it was in a warehouse only 10 minutes from me. I had to contact Amazon to reorder and have it shipped by a reliable carrier (e.g. ups, usps, fedex). There are thousands of complaints on Amazon's forums. There is no good reason for them to still exist much less for Amazon to continue using them.Thursday, Jan 31 2019
Allen BangFuck lasership drop them amazon!Wednesday, Jan 30 2019
Grace WilliamsDon't use Lasership, they are THE WORST company. They open & steal packages. If you want your customer base, DON'T USE LASERSHIP!Saturday, Jan 26 2019
Grace WilliamsDear Amazon, stop using Lasership. They lose & steal packages. I ordered a package & the driver delivery person opened my package & stole TWO of my items. Amazon if you know what is good for the company & customers, DON'T USE LASERSHIP!!!Friday, Jan 25 2019
BenDear Amazon, please stop using Lasership because 4 year olds on tricycles are cheaper and more reliable. Seriously...they cannot get out of their own way. I will cancel my Prime membership if this nonsense continues.Friday, Jan 25 2019
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