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Let Amazon and other retailers know that we do not accept the dreadfully atrocious service provided by LaserShip.

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Matt ClarkeDear Walgreens, you’re a great company, and we’ve had some awesome items together. However, I’m moving on... at least until you stop paying Lasership to not deliver the items I order from you. Friday, Aug 17 2018
WaleedDear please stop using Lasership the worst courier company ever :( Tuesday, Aug 07 2018
Alicia Pedinilasership sucks and lies about what time and what day they delivered your package, among other egregious sins. whenever I see that lasership is delivering my package it instills extreme fear into my heart and I wonder, "will this be the day they lose my package for real?" lasership must die.Tuesday, Aug 07 2018
Margaret Gupton They are the worst. My package never gets to me and it's always a hassle Tuesday, Aug 07 2018
sucky Long Time They are really good company you just got to give them a chance to show you what they got.Wednesday, Aug 01 2018
Christine DadicDear Amazon, Please stop using Lasership, because their service is absolutely terrible. Every single time I've ordered an item that ships via LaserShip, it has delivered late, and my items are always damaged or missing when I finally do get the shipment. EVERY SINGLE TIME.Monday, Jul 30 2018
Bryce LinLaserShip is a joke. Prime members expect their packages to arrive on time! That’s the whole point of Prime! Why use a shipping service that treats their customers like crap?Saturday, Jul 28 2018
Hyung Kai-YinDear Amazon, STOP USING LASERSHIP! Their latest caper involved leaving a package NEXT TO THE TRASH AREA in my apartment building - during a thunderstorm. Needless to say, you wasted money, since you're now sending a replacement. THIS COMPANY IS AWFUL!Friday, Jul 27 2018
William JacksonWhen your delivery success rate is less than 20 percent, there is a problem. I've had enough. I am actively boycotting any company that uses this piece of garbage called Lasership that calls themselves a business. So far, Amazon, Chewy, and counting.... BillSunday, Jul 22 2018
Isaiah MoralesDear Amazon please stop using LaserShit because it is a horrible delivery service and you need to treat the millions of customers that use your site with more respect!Wednesday, Jul 18 2018
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