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Let Amazon and other retailers know that we do not accept the dreadfully atrocious service provided by LaserShip.

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Becky Terpstra I’m disgusted with this lasership garbage- I’ve now had two orders from Walmart (the original and then after a week, the replacement order) just delayed on the delivery date and this should not be an issue when ordering online. What is happening to the orders?!?!! Monday, Apr 15 2019
Richard LuDear Amazon, please stop using laser shop. I will stop my amazon prime membership.Sunday, Apr 07 2019
Akilah GallowayThey are terrible!Sunday, Apr 07 2019
Zuleyca AlvarezStop using Lasership!!! They always leave my packages outside and are ALWAYS late. On an average they arrive at least 1 hour past the 12 hour window!!! Please just stick with FEDEX!Friday, Apr 05 2019
Carlos M YensiAMAZON WAKE UP!!! your reputation is in trouble!! we pay for the prime service so we dont have to worry about things like this! i never receive my packages on time, or at all!!! it's the worst thing you could have done, partnering with these 'bottom of the barrel' curriers.Wednesday, Apr 03 2019
PAUL HOWLETTDear Amazon DO NO USE LASERSHIP. It is a terrible delivery company and does not warrant tarnishing AMAZON's reputation for good service.Tuesday, Apr 02 2019
Katerina LuDear Amazon, please stop using Lasership. They stole every single of my packages they were supposed to deliver.Monday, Apr 01 2019
Jeremy MahoneyEVERYONE stop using LaserShip, any package that shows as getting delivered by them NEVER arrives, NEVER, NOT ONCE! This has been with Plated, Purple Carrot, Chewy - somehow all of these packages end up being "damaged"... mmmm something smells like b***sh**. Thursday, Mar 21 2019
Amanda BayerEVERY SINGLE THING I have ordered that's been shipped by LaserShip has gone missing. EVERY SINGLE THING. Please, please stop using them. Please, please, please, please, please.Thursday, Mar 21 2019
Catherine BiedebachLasership is the worst. With all this high tech tracking equipment how on earth do they "lose" (ie steal) so many packages? Why high profile companies like Amazon, Walmart and Chewy/Petsmart tolerate this is beyond me. Unless it is some sort of a money laundering enterprise?Wednesday, Mar 20 2019
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