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Let Amazon and other retailers know that we do not accept the dreadfully atrocious service provided by LaserShip.

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Kwabena SarpongIt has literally been five days and I still have not received my package. I probably would've received my package faster if I had standard delivery. The package was $326 and this is just unacceptable.Thursday, Mar 14 2019
Christie RodriguezI mean if just a general google search isnt enough proof of just how goddamn horrible this company, Heres a another complaint in list form so you guys can just skim this one. -They fucking suck. Its highly frustrating too pay for same/next day service for ya'll to still so carelessly use this obviously scammy delivery service. Wednesday, Mar 13 2019
anonymous buyer 19407529Dear Urban Outfitters, id buy from you so often if you stopped using lasership.Sunday, Mar 10 2019
AnonymousI used to work there (belleville,NJ) in one day 70 packages that came in that morning got lost in the same warehouse, (stolen) Manager are rude and driver do a shitty job because there’s no motivation. Worst company ever. Soo many years and same old, crappy system. Sometimes blueapron (food box) get bad and they tell you to attempted one more time. Sunday, Mar 03 2019
AnóniLasershitSunday, Mar 03 2019
Michelle SanangeloChewy stuff said it was delivered and I got to the door 2mins after it said the package was here & nope nothing. I found the number to the worburn ma office where it said my stuff came from & the girl was shocked I found a phone number. She told me the driver was still in my area (it was 5mins after) I was like great can you ask where he delivered my boxes while the driver is still here. The girl said no can do & they don't help people on the phone & I would have to email & wait 2 Monday, Feb 25 2019
Lari MinerNothing but liars and thieves! Packages seem to go missing as soon as it's loaded into a truck.Thursday, Feb 21 2019
Michael ZhangThe company sucks, packages are always “lost” and there’s no attempt at delivery! They didn’t even call or use the name box. Very likely they leave it on the street or take it themselves. Amazon really needs to stop using them.Thursday, Feb 21 2019
Steve SolWorst shipping company ever. They cheat with my delivery many times - by tracking number it was delivered, but by fact it was delayed for next day. Support doesn't work at all. Please stop work with them or atleast give an option to chose different company.Monday, Feb 18 2019
Mike VaggThey say "it's too far to drive" It was out for delivery for 4 days, because we passed it from car to car, to "hide it" We are more for citys, not rural areas. I was told "he is coming, go out and watch for him, he's on the phone with dispatch" this was 11:30 pm. I went out like a fool and stood there for a hour. They also told me to stop calling, and bothering them Saturday, Feb 16 2019
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