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Let Amazon and other retailers know that we do not accept the dreadfully atrocious service provided by LaserShip.

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Ball SackDear Amazon, please stop using lasership(shit) because they stole my pan cake mix. They also attempted and succeeded in teabagging my pet that does not belong to me. Thug life #no homo Tuesday, Nov 13 2018
Adrian RozarioAmazon stop using them they are useless and waste money by delivering it late when you paid extra for faster delivery!!Monday, Nov 05 2018
Chara Dreemurr Sunday, Nov 04 2018
Keith NewtonLast year they delivered my wife’s wedding dress to the sidewalk outside the building on a busy street, and it was taken. She had to get a different one, because that was the last one in her size.Friday, Nov 02 2018
William Smith Truly a terrible company, lost my package so many timesWednesday, Oct 17 2018
John FranklinThis is the 6th fucking time their dumbass drivers can’t deliver a package to my apartment, there’s a buzzer right in front of the fucking face when you walk into the building. Their customer service is atrocious, all their representatives have a shitty attitude. Fuck Lasership Wednesday, Oct 17 2018
Jon JenkinsReally, really poor service.Wednesday, Oct 17 2018
Ashley WilliamsDear amazon and, STOP using Laser Ship because they are scammers and thieves and more than not your package never gets delivered by them. Unless they’re dissapearing into thin air, they’re being stolen. Just look on Better Business Bureau website- there’s a warning for their company to which they never responded. RED FLAGS!!! Cancelling my subscriptions with both companies until they cease using this awful company. Wednesday, Oct 17 2018
SAPackages from free people and urban outfitters have been marked as delivered and are never delivered. Tuesday, Oct 16 2018
Earl RichardsonLiterally the worst delivery service a business could use. Please Amazon, for the love of God drop them!!Tuesday, Oct 16 2018
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