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Let Amazon and other retailers know that we do not accept the dreadfully atrocious service provided by LaserShip.

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Karen Jackson Dear amazon, dear Sephora Dear every store who uses Lasership please stop!!!! We never ever receive our packages, it’s delivered to someone else, or the driver decides to keep it for themselves!!!!! Where are all these undelivered packages at???? WORST DELIVERY SERVICE OUT!!!!!! Especially for Amazon & Sephora to use this company shame on you!!!!!! There are hundreds of negative reviews why would you still continue to use them???? Friday, Jun 15 2018
Jatin PatelDear Amazon & please stop using lasershit.Monday, Jun 11 2018
Huda Never disliked a service this much. Amazon is above this. Also, because I lived in an apartment it was hard to get my package. I might as well use standard shipping cause it's faster. And my package was handled roughly. It would have sucked to have something valuable delivered by them.Tuesday, Jun 05 2018
Andrew ZuckermanDear Amazon, please stop using LaserShip. In Miami the service is horrible and is run by people who cannot read english, making it difficult for them to navigate.Saturday, Jun 02 2018
DavidI'm a shity person so should I work for LaserShipWednesday, May 30 2018
LukeI have worked for the company and they are garbageWednesday, May 30 2018
Maeve WalshThis service is THE WORST! They frequently say packages are delivered when they haven't been. After noting the delivery time on my package, I had my super review our buildings security tapes to see if anyone ever even made the delivery -- no one stopped by at the times indicated by Lasership. HORRIBLE! Tuesday, May 22 2018
BtrashMonday, May 21 2018
DTrashMonday, May 21 2018
CCSephora you have lost all credibility with me after finding out I pay money for expensive makeup and you send it via lasertrash? This company is clearly run by the Devil himself. How else could it still be in business? Only people who want to cut corners at the expense of customers because guess what money money money that’s all greedy people think about. I want all the makeup vendors to remove their line from Sephora so you guys can go out of business for your terrible shipping choice. Monday, May 21 2018
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