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Let Amazon and other retailers know that we do not accept the dreadfully atrocious service provided by LaserShip.

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I set an arbitrary goal of 1,000 signatures for this petition. We currently have One Thousand Twenty Nine signatures, add yours now!


Joe Ramble"attempted delivery" than throwing the freaking package at my front porch, IT WAS A CPU, Had to fucking return it after they chucked it.Monday, Jan 14 2019
Lula Timbleit fucking sucksWednesday, Jan 09 2019
Adam lockeDear Amazon, please don't use lasership they are toddlers running a grown man bussiness. Wednesday, Jan 02 2019
Sean EnnemoserI was fired frpom laser ship by Seth Rochfort for refusing to work with a pedophileTuesday, Jan 01 2019
Shawn PistoleI live where I'm at for 20 years I have never had a problem getting anything delivered by any company until this one and then it was a nightmare.Tuesday, Jan 01 2019
MICHAEL PHELAN Monday, Dec 31 2018
Carlos IgrejaI ordered cookies and they never came on time. I was really looking forward to those cookies. I am very upset. Friday, Dec 28 2018
Jay RosenthalThey've never delivered a single package to me on time.Thursday, Dec 27 2018
William knobleThey leave packages down in a public area where anyone can take them. There are elderly tenants who can’t carry heavy items upstairs. Truly disgusting. There was a time when someone brought me a pa kage they found on the street. How can you use this incompetent service?Monday, Dec 24 2018
Dr. John StewartYes, they are unreliable as a business and delivery service. The executive staff needs to be investigated and brought to justice immediately. Amazon and the staff that has a relationship with Lasership need to be investigated and brought to justice immediately. The outcome needs to be reported honestly to the press and Stock Exchange.Friday, Dec 14 2018
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