A rage induced social experiment.

My first experience with LaserShip went as follows:

I placed an order for a Belkin 6-outlet surge protector from Amazon on April 22, 2013, my order was eligible for Amazon Prime and this is key. I chose to buy it from Amazon instead of driving down to Home Depot and making my purchase there, because I pay Amazon a yearly subscription to enjoy unlimited 2-day shipping on Prime eligible products. My estimated delivery date was Wednesday, April 24, 2013.

Wednesday (April 24, 2013), LaserShip's tracking information did not indicate that my package will be delivered, so I contacted them through their website, I recieved this response:

Thank you for your tracking inquiry. LaserShip has received this package from your Seller and it is out for delivery today. Your package is scheduled to be delivered between now and 8 pm. If you require further assistance with your delivery please contact us at 1.800.527.3764.

And the tracking information was then updated to reflect that schedule. My order did not arrive.

Thursday, (April 25, 2013), my package was still marked "out for delivery," but it did not arrive that day.

On Friday (April 26, 2013), my package was still marked "out for delivery," but it did not arrive.

Saturday (April 27, 2013), my package was still marked "out for delivery," but it did not arrive.

Monday and Tuesday (April 29 and 30, 2013), the story is still the same. I have already attempted to contact LaserShip several times at this point, through their website and by telephone, to no avail.

Wednesday (May 1, 2013), I contacted Amazon about my missing order and the lack of communication from LaserShip, and the situation was immediately corrected. A new order was placed on my behalf by Amazon at no charge to me, and shipped through UPS. I was given an estimated delivery date of Friday, May 3, 2013.

Thursday (May 2, 2013), UPS delivers my package one day early.

Monday (May 5, 2013), my LaserShip package (original scheduled for delivery on April 24, 2013, and marked as "out for delivery" since) finally arrived.

Since then, Amazon has used LaserShip to deliver some of my Prime orders, and not a single one has arrived on time to date. Every single order ever shipped to me through LaserShip has arrived at least one day late.

After my eighth LaserShip delivery arrived late, in a fit of rage, I purchased the lasershit.com domain and setup this website.

I enjoy Amazon Prime and I happily fork over the yearly subscription, but more and more of my orders are being shipped by this terrible company, and while Amazon customer service always corrects the problem (by overnighting a replacement or giving me a month of Prime for free), but my patience is running thin. I do not benefit from an extra month of Amazon Prime if my orders continue to be shipped through this company, which continuously fails to deliver on Prime's promise.